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About Us

Mobile and Mac Point Durham is a family-owned business serving customers in Durham and across the North-East.
We are a specialist team with expertise in mobile repairs, laptops and desktops repairs and replacements.
With dedicated team members focusing on various technologies, you can rely on us for all Apple devices repairs and troubleshooting including iPhone, Ipad and Macbook.
We also have a dedicated team for mobile repairs including mobile phone screen repairs and replacement, water damage, software and hardware issues.
Whether your device is android, apple or windows, you can benefit from our same day service for most of the repairs.
Our passion for providing passionate support has allowed growing from a single shop to several outlets across the northeast and we continue to build our loyal customer base by providing higher quality repairs that come with a warranty.
Our premium service customers can enjoy our doorstep service and have all your mobiles, tablets and desktop repairs done without leaving their premises.

Our Brand Values

“Fantastic service, kash was excellent very professional and respectful, phone fully fixed, very happy with my phone”
Jamie Barette

“Above and beyond survive. Highly recommend this store as sticks to first quoted price even when extra work is needed. Well worth going here! Saved me a lot of money”

Percy Johnstone