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Any kind of gadgets play important role in daily life. Here at Mobile and Mac Point Durham, we understand that your smartphone, tablet, laptop play an important role in daily life. If any uncertainty happens, the last thing would be waiting for appointment and in case of warranty claim. But to get your gadget repaired with us it’s just a call away!


Our work is simple. We remain in touch with our customers from the start to end. We first diagnose the issue and in most of the cases it can be done when you wait. In some cases it takes time to diagnose the error. We will give you option to choose the quality of parts and give you warranty for it.

Why choose US?

That’s an easy one to answer:

We have the best, highly skilled and most reliable technicians- They carry out all kind of repairs and upgrades fast on your smartphones, laptops, tablets and computers. They ensure rigorous background checks before giving you the repaired devices.

We are versatile – The best part is that we can handle all phone, iPad, laptop models and computers. So you don’t have to worry as we have right expertise for your gadget repairs.

We care – Our customers are first priority and we offer you uncomplicated expert advice which is best for you when you contact us.

We are affordable- we quote the most affordable prices and we stick to our work and don’t worry, no nasty surprises. We are quite clear about our pricing and will let you know exactly what the cost will be before you book a repair. If our technicians detect any another problem then they are with you till the end and we’ll keep you updated before any work is carried out.

We love to give great service- Providing best service to our customers is our real asset. We believe in originality as we’re real people, and you can call us and get your quote or any assistance you need from our experienced Technicians.

Our customers love us and rate us 5 Star- We love our customers feedback and ratings as it helps us in improving and build more trust. Most of the customers have rated us 5*. This feedback matters a lot for us. You can read our customers Feedback on the end of this page.

We ensure data safety- Our strict data protection policy gives us edge over other repair companies. We repair your smartphones, iPad, iPhones, Macbooks without removing the old data.

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